ComePoundIt is a word game where the goal is to make the best compound word. Rules are as follows:

  • Each player takes 8 white cards.
  • One green card is placed down in the center.
  • One person is the judge for each round and does not place down a white card.
  • Every other player must place down a white card facedown that they believe works best with the green card, the goal is to make a compound word.
  • The judge decides which white card works best with the green card, the judge can determine what white card is the best match. After each round the judge changes in a clockwise position.
  • Whoever placed down the winning white card gets the green card.
  • The game is for 3-10 players; 3-5 players must get 6 green cards to win; 5-10 players must get 3 green cards to win.


-What word is first? Assume the white card is after the green card.  If white card sounds best before green card- it is allowed.

-What if two players put down the same word and it is the winning white card? A Players flip a coin to decide who wins.

The materials that were used for this game consisted of index cards, scissors, and markers.

Since the goal of this game is to make a compound word is can be classified as a word game.

This game was successful when I tried it out with my friends-they suggested that all of them be the judges and when an agreement cannot be made who wins or if there is a tie then another green card is flipped and those who are tied battle it out until there is a winner and then the winner gets all of the green cards for that round.


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