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This game is very similar to Taboo-but with a twist. It is taboo charades. It is a word guessing game, similar to what we have been discussing in class. A timer, a buzzer, and the cards are needed to play Director. Players have enjoyed playing this game, lots of laughs!

  • At least 4 players
  • There are 2 teams, Team 1 and Team 2
  • One member of Team 1 draws a card and they are the director. Another member of Team 1 is the “actor.”
  • The director must use verbal commands to get the actor to act out what the blue word on the card is, WITHOUT saying any of the black words on the card. The members of Team 1 are trying to guess the blue word. Once a card is guessed correctly Team 1 gets a point.
  • A member of Team 2 looks at the card as well to make sure Team one does not say one of the black words- if Team 1 does then Team 2 member sounds the alarm.
  • If this happens Team 2 gets a point and Team 1 draws another card. The goal is to get as many points in each round as you can. The rounds last 1.5 minutes. Once the round is over each team switches roles. Play until cards run out.
  • The director can also skip a card, but the opposing team receives a point. The director cannot give physical gestures.
  • Keep score on provided paper.

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