-There are 2 teams, 2 players on each-Team Pink and Team Yellow

-A designated announcer says the clue or phrase and each team must race to find the card that fits the clue or phrase.

-Whatever team answers correctly wins that round and receives one point.

-Teams play until there is no more cards

-If there is a tie then the challenge cards are used in which each team must designate one team member to participate. S/he must answer as many question as he can within 20 seconds whatever team answers the most questions correctly is the winner. There are no phrase descriptions on these cards.

This game meets the requirements for a juxtaposition game because it is about finding the phrase that connects with the phrase or sentence that was said by the “announcer.”

I tested this game and it seemed to go alright, only a couple of glitches when one given sentence or phrase did properly fit any of the cards in the players hands properly. I changed the phrasing of the sentence to better fit the two cards.

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