Goal: Fordham Graduation

story gameAll that is needed to play Fordham Graduation are the questions and post-it notes. This is a story telling game because it is about telling the story of the situations that the players face at Fordham. It is mostly a game of chance and a rol of the dice will decide a player’s fate.  When I was testing this game the participants commented that the game was amusing, fun, and wished it went on longer. Maybe in the future I would make this game longer.


-There are four teams of 2 or just 4 players

-One person reads each situation and gives instruction on what each player should do

-Another person helps the reader by being a judge when needed such as the RD or Professor

-for most situations players will roll  a dice and that will determine their fate.

-when a player receives a bad grade or is docked they receive one strike

-when a player receives 3 strikes they are out and cannot graduate on time.

-players keep track of how many strikes their team has received.

-More than one person can win and graduate on time if they have not received 3 strikes


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