Fordham Graduation Game

fordham game finalFinal Project 2All that is needed to play Fordham Graduation are the questions, point cards, the word cards, and dice. This is a story telling game because it is about telling the story of the situations that the players face at Fordham. It is mostly a game of chance and a roll of the dice will decide a player’s fate.  When I was testing this game the participants commented that the game was amusing, fun, and wished it went on longer. Maybe in the future I would make this game longer. I re-worked this game by adding point values for getting a possible reward for taking a chance instead of playing it safe, college is about having fun right?! Also when explanations are need then the player draws from the random word deck and must work that word into their explanation. There will be 3 judges instead of one because I found that the judge tended to be too nice, so 3 would be better because the explanation of the players are up to more debate.


-There are four teams of 2 or just 4 players

-One person reads each situation and gives instruction on what each player should do

-3 people help the reader by being a judge when needed

-for most situations players will roll  a dice and that will determine their fate.

-when a player receives gets into trouble there will be point deductions but players may be rewarding for taking a chance such as going to a party

-Players can only take the safe route once and although their point value will never be deducted, they will only gain a possible 1 point

-players keep track of how many points their team has received.

-Whatever player has the most points will be crowned valedictorian and be the real winner, players who have a score of zero or less will not graduate on time and completely lose the game.


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